How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Uses Blogging to Power Its Growth Engine: October 2022 Newsletter

It was with great pleasure that I was able to wrap up my 2022 Content Marketing World experience with a session featuring two exceptional marketers who I’ve known for many years: Steve Kearns (LinkedIn Senior Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media) and Tequia Burt (Editor in Chief LinkedIn Ads Blog) with a topic that is near and dear: How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (client) is Using the Blog to Power its Growth Engine.

In an age of social media with Instagram, TikTok and even LinkedIn, does blogging still matter? For LinkedIn, the answer is absolutely yes.

The LinkedIn Marketing Blog acts as the external ‘voice’ of the Marketing Solutions business and is a critical education and conversion vehicle for B2B marketers looking to excel with LinkedIn advertising. Publishing content five times a week, the blog comprises more than 175,000 global subscribers and 2.5 million annual page views. It also serves as a key campaign activation tool for LMS marketing, sales and product organizations, spotlighting business news, LinkedIn advertising best practices and more.

Let’s take a look at the secret to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ blog success.

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